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Transition tools and access to adult primary care

TitleTransition tools and access to adult primary care
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsWarfield, MErickson, Crossman, MK, Neumeyer, AMartha, O'Brien, J, Kuhlthau, KA
JournalAdvances in Autism
Start Page131

Lead Author: Marji Warfield

Study Aims and Objectives:
The transition from pediatric to adult health care is challenging for youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Many tools have been made to help with transition but studies have not checked if they are ready to be used in primary care practices. The purpose of this paper is to rate existing health care transition tools to identify tools ready for use in primary care clinics and develop a set of transition principles.

Four pediatric and family medicine providers from community health centers reviewed 12 transition tools. They then provided ratings and in-depth responses about the usefulness and ease of use of each tool. Participants gave their answers through online surveys and telephone interviews. A conference call was used to discuss the findings and develop a set of transition principles.

The top-rated tools included three youth self-management tools, two tools focused on ASD information and one tool focused on communication. The advisors recommended editing all tools before sharing them with parents and care providers.

No one tool was top rated by all providers. Additionally, none of the tools were ready to be implemented without changes. The transition principles developed focused on the use of selected tools to involve all youth in conversations about transition at every well child visit beginning at age 14 and adapting that process for youth with special needs.