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Nationwide Children's Hospital

Columbus, OH

Provide assistance to every child and family affected by ASD who is in need. “Treat every patient, for every reason”; “Once a patient, always a patient.” Experience with establishing registries and biobanks, including their current registry for ASD in Ohio.

Address: Child Development Center, 187 West Schrock Rd., Westerville, OH 43081
Phone: (614) 355.7500
Hours: 8am-5:30pm M-F

Principal Investigator: Eric Butter, PhD
Site Coordinator: Logan Amon, BS
- Co-PI: Amy Newmeyer, MD
- Family Navigators: Amy Hess
- Family Advisory Committee Representatives: Maria Angel, Amy Hess, Tom Hess, and Elaine Hamilton

ATN/AIR-P Committees & Workgroups:
- Behavioral Sciences Committee
- Coordinator Committee
- Family Advisory Committee, Co-Chair: Tom Hess
- Family Navigators Committee

AIR-P Research:

ATN/AIR-P Network Activities:
- ECHO Autism Site
- Learning Health Network Site

Webpage: Nationwide Children's Center