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The Lurie Center for Autism

Lexington, MA

The Lurie Center for Autism is an integrated and multidisciplinary clinical, research, training and advocacy program dedicated to treating individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders. The Lurie Center is the primary clinical care and clinical research site implementing the broader goals of the Lurie Center for Autism.

The Lurie Center is born out of a philosophy that people with developmental disabilities deserve to be viewed as individuals, each with personal patterns of talents and challenges. We strongly believe each individual deserves the opportunity for access to the quantity and quality of services needed to reach his or her full potential, regardless of economic, social or ethnic background.

Address: 1 Maguire Road, Lexington, MA 02421
Phone: (781) 860-1700
Hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Principal Investigator: Ann Neumeyer, MD
Site Coordinator: Alison Tassone
- Co-PI: Chris McDougle, MD
- Family Navigators: Suzanne Bloomer Hiramoto
- Family Advisory Committee: Susie Littlejohn, Todd Seyfarth

ATN/AIR-P Committees & Workgroups:
- Coordinator Committee
- Sleep Committee
- Family Advisory Committee
- Family Navigators Study
- Family Navigators Committee
- Signature Study Governance

AIR-P Research:
- Transition Study
- Sleep Education Study

ATN/AIR-P Network Activities:
- ECHO Autism Site
- Learning Health Network Site

Webpage: Lurie Center
Facebook: Lurie Center