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Autism Speaks Toolkits: Resources for Busy Physicians.

TitleAutism Speaks Toolkits: Resources for Busy Physicians.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBellando, J, Fussell, JJ, Lopez, M
JournalClinical Pediatrics
Date Published2015 Jul 6

Given the increased prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), it is likely that busy primary care providers (PCP) are providing care to individuals with ASD in their practice. Autism Speaks provides a wealth of educational, medical, and treatment/intervention information resources for PCPs and families, including at least 32 toolkits. This article serves to familiarize PCPs and families on the different toolkits that are available on the Autism Speaks website. This article is intended to increase physicians' knowledge on the issues that families with children with ASD frequently encounter, to increase their ability to share evidence-based information to guide treatment and care for affected families in their practice.

Alternate JournalClin Pediatr (Phila)
PubMed ID26149848