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ATN/AIR-P Kickoff Meeting: A Huge Success!

The ATN/AIR-P Kickoff meeting was held on November 6th and 7th in Orlando, Florida. The meeting was attended by representation from all 14 sites. Site representation included: PI, Co-PI, Family Navigator, Family Advisory Council Member, and Coordinator. Topics discussed included: a review of the mission and goals of the ATN and AIR-P and how these networks are integrated, an outline of the specific deliverables of the network presented by leadership, and an excellent presentation by Carole Lannon, MD on Learning Networks. These networks strive to integrate data for clinical, research, and quality improvement to translate research to practice more quickly and Dr. Lannon outlined how the ATN/AIR-P can benefit from participation. The teams also had discussions about how to leverage learnings from each other, improve communication, and how the network can better engage families. The audience was wowed by a moving talk by Angeletta Giles, a family advocate from the Arkansas site. Teams left the meeting energized and ready to start the new cycle.