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Visiting Researcher Surveying Clinicians on Engagement with Schools

Dr. Jon Quach is a visiting researcher from The University of Melbourne and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia. He will be based at the Network Clinical Coordinating Center at MGH until mid-June. He is conducting the SchoolConnect study, which aims to understand how clinicians (e.g., primary care, developmental/behavioral pediatrician, psychologist, psychiatrist) across the ATN/AIR-P Network are currently engaging with schools for children with ASD. In addition, he is interested in understanding how current systems can be improved to enable better engagement with schools. Findings from his study will help develop an effective school engagement model for children with ASD that can be shared more broadly.

Dr. Quach will be reaching out to site PI/Co-PIs as well as other Network clinicians shortly asking you to complete an online, anonymous survey.